Our Inbound & Outbound Services


Whether you require assistance during peak seasons, aiming to swiftly expand your sales endeavors, or seeking the flexibility to scale according to your business requirements, our outsourcing services are tailored to meet your needs. Our capabilities encompass seamless management of any sales volume, ensuring a smooth and efficient process throughout.

Our Inbound Services

We Will Provide Quality Services


Ksagen team puts itself into your company and lives your corporate culture, at the same time the work is done competently, pragmatically and efficiently.

Customer Support

Our call agents receive and respond to customer queries, complaints, and requests for information or assistance. We provide solutions, troubleshoot problems, and offer guidance to customers.

Order Taking And Processing

Our call agents handle incoming calls related to product or service orders, process payments, and track deliveries. We assist customers in making purchases or placing orders over the phone.

Technical Support

We guide customers through troubleshooting steps and aim to resolve issues promptly. Our call agents with technical expertise provide assistance to customers facing technical difficulties with products or services.

Help Desk Support

This services involve addressing
IT-related problems, softwares issus, or network glitches. Our call agents provide guidance, offer solutions, and escalate complex issues to higher-level technical support if necessary.


To assist customers in scheduling appointments is our pleasure, such as doctor visits, service appointments, or consultations. We manage calendars, book appointments, and provide necessary reminders to customers.

Product Information
And Sales

Providing detailed information about products or services to potential customers is very important. We address inquiries, explain features and benefits, and may also engage in sales conversations to convert inquiries into sales.

Customer Feedback
And Surveys

Our agents collect customer feedback, conduct satisfaction surveys, and gather valuable insights about customer experiences.The informations can help organizations improve their products, services, and overall customer satisfaction.

Emergency Hotlines

We can also handle emergency hotlines to provide immediate assistance during critical situations. Examples include medical helplines, crisis hotlines, or technical support during emergencies.


We guide customers through troubleshooting steps and aim to resolve issues promptly. Our call agents with technical expertise provide assistance to customers facing technical difficulties with products or services.
Our Outbound Services

We Will Provide Quality Services


Outbound services focus on proactive communication initiated by the call center to reach out to individuals or businesses.


Our call agents contact potential customers to promote products or services, generate leads, and make sales. We engage in persuasive conversations, provide product information, and attempt to convert prospects into customers.

Lead Generation

We proactively reach out to your potential customers to gather information, qualify leads, and identify individuals or businesses interested in a particular product or service. We collected leads can be passed on to sales teams for follow-up.

Surveys And Market Research

We help you to conduct surveys to gather feedback, opinions, or market insights. We ask questions, record responses, and analyze the data collected to understand customer preferences, market trends, or gauge customer satisfaction levels.


Call center agents contact individuals or businesses with outstanding payments or debts to facilitate payment arrangements, negotiate settlements, or provide reminders. They aim to recover outstanding balances while maintaining customer relationships.


Unsere call agenten reach out to customers to remind them of scheduled appointments, service visits, or upcoming events. This helps reduce no-shows, improve customer attendance, and optimize scheduling efficiency.

Customer Follow-up

Call center agents contact customers after a purchase or service interaction to gather feedback, address concerns, and ensure customer satisfaction. They may also upsell or cross-sell additional products or services based on customer needs.

Loyalty Programs And Upselling

We inform your existing customers about loyalty programs, special offers, upgrades, or new products/services that might be of interest to them. Our Call Agents aim to retain customers, increase customer lifetime value, and encourage repeat business.

Customer Win-Back

Call center agents reach out to inactive or former customers to understand the reasons behind their disengagement and attempt to win them back. They may offer incentives, discounts, or personalized offers to encourage the customer to re-engage.

Market Surveys And Data Verification

We verify and update your customer contact information, gather market data, or validate customer details for business intelligence purposes. This helps maintain accurate customer databases and improves marketing targeting.